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Sustainability Programs

Our Work

It's our goal to restore and strengthen existing resources and systems to improve the quality of life for the disaster-affected community.

Life in paradise isn't as great as it always seems... there are multiple problems with having to have everything imported and not being self-sufficient.  The biggest of these is the impact that they have on the environment. Being reliant on everything being shipped in leads to a massive waste problem, especially after the hurricanes.  In two weeks a year's worth of trash was produced from the storms which have added to the already dire situation on the island. Since we are a tiny island it is very hard to recycle since we do not have a plant and no plans for one. That is why we had to get a little creative and put together programs that deal with waste in different ways. 

We are focusing on reducing the use of single-use plastics through #SkipTheStraw campaigns (or at least partake with biodegradable options now available thanks to Caribbean Packaging) and encouraging people to bring their own cups - #BYOC promo code gives free shipping on Perfect Heart Silipints

We will be working with various summer camps around the island in which we will do a clean up with the children and then use the waste that we find to turn into art. This will work to teach them about the importance of the environment, thanks to local expert Kitty Edwards from Coastal Zone Management, as well as how vital it is to not litter and to reduce their single use.  There are no art programs in the public schools so we are hoping that this will be a fun way to give them a creative outlet while also teaching them anout sustainability.

To take that concept even further we will be creating a Renewable Art Garden, in which we will take waste and turn it into art via different breakdown methods. This will be a creative community oasis and help to work on our waste problem.  Children will be able to come on field trips and eventually vocational programs.  If you are interested in learning more about the garden or any of our other programs please email us at

In addition to these specific programs we also organize clean ups with different businesses and communities at least monthly.  This gives people an opportunity to give back, feel good, and beautify their area. The rigid plastics that we pick up are then recycled through Terra Cycle, which is the only sort of recycling program on island at the moment.