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Rebuilding Projects

Our Work

On the Road to Recovery

The projected recovery and rebuilding timeline is over five years due to the amount of damage, that's a long time.  This is an opportunity to rebuild stronger, smarter, and more sustainable.  We are working with various organizations to work to rebuild shelters and other facilities with sustainable materials.  Working with VI Wise we are helping to raise funds to purchase and install shingles that are made out of recycled tires and that are hurricane rated.  These will cut down on the amount of waste in the world as well as replace galvanized sheeting, which will cut down on the risk factor if there is another storm.  By collaborating with like minded indivudals around the world we are able to bring better, safer options to the Virgin Islands. 

The amount of trauma following two Category 5 Hurricanes is extreme.  The most vulnerable members of the community are the ones that suffer the most, especially the children.  Youth are extreming important to us and we believe that they need healthy outlets.  Many of the playgrounds were damaged in the storms so we have worked to help replace and fix various playgrounds around the island. 


St. Thomas Long Term Recovery Team

Supporting affected communities to rebuild post-disaster. Perfect Heart Inc. is part of the St. Thomas Long Term Recovery Group and we will be working with a collection of NGOs, churches, charities, and organizations on island to collaborate and rebuild together.


    It takes a village to rebuild a city