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We Are ALL In This Together

Our Work

We Believe In Bringing People Together For A Bigger Cause

Perfect Heart formed in response to the biggest hurricanes to ever hit land. Hurricanes, plural. The devastation was unlike anything before and something had to be done. Through helping whoever needed and utilizing our vast networks we were able to get an incredible amount of relief supplies to island and then distributed to the most vulnerable populations.  We realized that people all over the world wanted to help, but didn't know how.  We were quite literally the boots on the ground, assessing, coordinating, and distributing a full range of supplies and services.

Our programs are not storm centered exclusively anymore, because we want to be more than that.  We want to be one of the driving forces behind helping the community get back their humanity and be more resillent. The Hurricanes are not what we're focused on fully anymore, but they are at the core of why we exist.  We acknowledge and learn from those experiences and channel that towards building a stronger Virgin Islands. 

Perfect Heart collaborates with various organizations and brings people together to promote our initiatives help raise awareness for our cause(s). We encourage you to be a part of the solution by joining our programs and events. #weareallinthistogether