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Who Are We? We're Hurricane Warriors.

It took us ten minutes and two DeWalt drills to remove the barricade of 2X4’s we had placed over the shutters to the studio we had taken shelter in. We had spent the last 8 hours waiting for the wind to die down from ‘unprecedented record-breaking hurricane force’ to ‘regular terrifying tropical storm force’. I didn’t know it then, but Irma had gone easy on us. Aside from two windows being blown out from the apartment above us, the home we stayed in suffered minimal damage. 

Later we would listen to stories of roofs being peeled off as if by some omnipotent unseen hand. Friends would describe taking shelter under mattresses, and of the man in Tortola who, by pure strength of will and driven to protect his wife and child huddled by his side, managed to hold the bathroom door closed for hours as the rest of his home disappeared around him. 

“Help is coming”. 

I received a call from Jody a week after Irma, when some cell service had been restored and if you felt like breaking curfew and driving to the top of the hill you could make contact with the outside world. During that phone call I learned that Jody had been working tirelessly with the help of her employer to coordinate a massive supply drop via a fleet of private jets to St. Thomas. 

The subsequent weeks and months passed in a blur. People from all walks of life rose up, came together, and the community slowly began to recover. 

People started to help however they could and from that experience we bonded together and became something bigger than ourselves.