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Sustainability Programs

Our Work

It's our goal to restore and strengthen existing resources and systems to improve the quality of life for the disaster-affected community.

Life in paradise isn't as great as it always seems... there are  multiple problems with having to have everything imported and not being self sufficient.  The biggest of these is the impact that they have on the environment. Being reliant on everything being shipped in leads to a massive waste problem, especially after the hurricanes.  In two weeks a year's worth of trash was produced from the storms which has added to the already dire situation on island. Since we are a tiny island it is very hard to recycle since we do not have a plant and no plans for one. That is why we had to get a little creative and put together programs that deal with waste in different ways. 


We are focusing on reducing the use of single use plastics through straw-less campaigns and encouraging people to bring their own cups. 

We are focusing on repurposing glass, plastic, and aluminum into art and other useful products. There is no art in the public schools so we would like to incorporate the kids into the programs to educate them about waste and expose them to art. 

We are also organizing various clean ups around the island to beautify the community and to prevent waste from getting into the oceans.